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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 500 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

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Knockouts in Cromwell, February 15-20

2016 was a banner year for bridge in New England. Attendance was up at every Regional Tournament, and the players seemed to enjoy the events thoroughly. 2017 promises to be even better. It all begins at the Presidential Regional on February 15 in Cromwell, CT.

What excites me most is the return of Bracketed Knockouts. In Cromwell the knockouts will be played in morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Each bracket will consist of between nine and sixteen teams. The winners on Saturday morning will face each other on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon one winner will emerge in each bracket.

Let me emphasize that this event is open to all players, not just those with decades of experience. Because the event is bracketed, teams compete against others at the same level, and success is handsomely rewarded. At a recent regional knockout the winners of the bottom bracket received 7.2 masterpoints! Higher brackets awarded much more. No other event in Cromwell offers this kind of opportunity to players at every level.

The points are definitely a great attraction, but there is an even better reason to play in the knockout: it is fun. The mood in a knockout match is a wonderful combination of intensity and relaxation. The “hurry up and wait” atmosphere of pairs games and Swiss events is absent. There is little or no pressure from the directors. Instead you spend much more time with one set of opponents, and you often get to know them pretty well. I have won knockouts, and I have been clobbered. Nothing exceeds the exhilarating experience of winning a knockout, but, believe it or not, I truly enjoyed both experiences.

The key is participation. This formulation can work for players at all levels, but it requires that a considerable number of players participate. If fewer than seventeen teams participate, there will be only one bracket, and no one will be happy. If enough players sign up to fill five, six, seven brackets—and why not?—the golden river of points will flow, and everyone will have a splendid experience.

If this sounds good to you, but you are unfamiliar with the mechanics of team events, you can read my write-up on the subject here.

The rest of the schedule for Cromwell is also quite attractive. The two events that stand out are the Pro-Am pairs on Saturday evening and the “Extra Point Pairs” that has replaced the Side Game on the other evenings. Both are bargains. The Pro-Am, in which at least one player in each pair must be a non-Life Master with less than 500 masterpoints, offers an evening of great fun and learning for half the usual fee. The “Extra Point Pairs” offers more points than the Side Game did for the same entry fee. Players who play in at least two sessions can win gold points.

The latest developments in New England bridge can always be found at NEBridge.org. On twitter you can follow @NE_Bridge.

I wish you a happy and healthy new year, and I really hope that you can join us in Cromwell.

Mike Wavada
Chair, Communications Committee

NHBA Spring Sectional, March 25-26, 2017

Rivier University Dion Center
16 Clement St., Nashua, NH

Saturday  – Stratified Pairs 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM
Sunday  – Stratified VP Swiss Teams 10:00 AM


2017 Grand National Teams District 25 Finals

Mark your calendar!  Please join us at the Grand National Teams District 25 Finals: April 22-23, April 23, or April 29-30 depending on your mp Flight.

For the first time ever, we are going to have our GNT Championship Flight (no masterpoint restrictions) at a separate location in late April a week after the competitions for the other 3 flights that will be held in Sturbridge.  Complete details are in the Conditions of Contest attached below.

By separating the events, we hope we'll get a lot of teams who will compete at one event then go on to test their skills in the Open competition that will be run the following weekend in conjunction with our D25 Senior Regional.  Due to request from our Flight A players (0-6,000 masterpoints), we are for the first time ever having identical conditions of contest for Flight A as for the Championship Flight. 

One of the new features will be providing a maximum carryover of 25 IMPs for the Flight A and Championship Flights.   For those who might be unfamiliar with carryovers in round robin competitions, please see the sample at the end of the conditions below. 

Hope you all will make an effort to play!  You don't need to prequalify.  All you need to do is have your ACBL dues paid and be a member in good standing of District 25.    You only compete against your peers.  There are 4 flights - Unlimited, 0-6,000 mps, 0-2,500 mps, and 0-500 Non Life Master.  This is great fun and the winning team not only gets to advance to the National Finals in Toronto next July, but they also will receive a generous subsidy of $2,000 per team - courtesy of the New England Bridge Conference.

If you have any questions, contact Bill Braucher, D25 GNT Coordinator at gntcoord@nebridge.org

Thanks very much!

Mark J. Aquino, Sr.
ACBL District 25 Director

Club, Unit, and District Calendar Changes

The site now contains ONE CALENDAR that covers every Unit 150 and District 25 bridge event in 2017: clubs, unit games, sectionals, reginals, and GNT/NAP events. (The 2017 unit game schedule is not available yet.)

Changes to club game schedules and/or locations will be posted as we are notified. Club managers and directors can make their own changes.

Ed Gould Sectional Results

Results from the NHBA Ed Gould Memorial Sectional, Rivier University, Nashua, Nov. 5-6, 2016

Overall Results
Stratified Pairs Morning
Stratified Pairs Afternoon
Swiss Teams

Help Us Find New Tournament Sites

Rivier University in Nashua and the Grantham Town Hall are terrific places to play bridge but the NHBA has been unable to find tournament sites in other areas of New Hampshire. If there's a site in your area that you think may be suitable for a tournament, please let us know! Contact Sarah Widhu, the President of the NHBA, at (603) 881-7518 or widhu@myfairpoint.ne or use the Contact Us page on this website.

In Memorium

This site now includes an In Memorium page. We will publish obituaries of Unit 150 members when published in the ACBL Bulletin or when provided to us at the discretion of the Unit President. You can use the Contact Us page for this purpose.

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Upcoming NHBA and District 25 Events

Presidential Regional
February 15-20
Radisson Hotel
Cromwell, CT

Spring Sectional
March 25-26, 2017
Rivier University
Nashua, NH

Eastman NLM Sectional
April 8-9, 2017
Center at Eastman
Grantham, NH

Apr 22-23, 2017
Sturbridge, MA

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