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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 500 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

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Nashua Monster Mountain Regional, June 20-15, Nashua

Nashua Monster Mountain Regional

District 25 Has Made Major Changes In The Nashua Monster KO’s!

Don't miss Nashua! There will be pairs and team games for players at every level…plus a new format for the Knockouts. More information.

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Volunteers Needed for Monster Mountain Regional in Nashua

The Nashua Regional tournament at the Radisson in south Nashua needs 299er volunteers to be available and offer to play with another 299er who shows up without a partner.  We need one volunteer for each 299er daytime slot 10 and 2 June 20th - June 25th. We also need volunteers for the partnership desk at 9:15-9:50, 1:15-1:50 each day.  Our last request is; we need a pair who are both under 750 mp's who would volunteer to play with another pair that shows up without a team for Sat June 24th to play in the KOs. If they don't get to play in the KO they play for free in the pairs. Anyone who volunteers to play, plays for free if they are needed or gets a free pass to play another time. Wayne Burt is in charge of all the volunteers. Please contact him at w-a-b@comcast.net.

New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs, June 3-4, Nashua

Leroy Lake Award to Lawrence Cheetham

The Leroy Lake Award for 2107 was awarded to Lawrence Cheetham at the NHBA Annual Awards Banquet.

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Keith Kimball wins 2016 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Awards for 0-5 Class!

Keith is a regular at the Tom Cheetham Club in Nashua and the Bridge Spot in Woburn.

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Upcoming NHBA and District 25 Events

Nashua Monster Mountain Regional
June 20-25
Radisson Hotel
Nashua, NH
Helen Pawlowski

NHBA John and Joan Cook Sectional
August 19-20
Rivier University
Nashua, NH
Sarah Widhu

2017 Unit Game Schedule

Help Us Find New Tournament Sites!

Rivier University in Nashua and the Grantham Town Hall are terrific places to play bridge but the NHBA has been unable to find tournament sites in other areas of New Hampshire. If there's a site in your area that you think may be suitable for a tournament, please let us know! Contact Sarah Widhu, the President of the NHBA, at (603) 881-7518 or widhu@myfairpoint.ne or use the Contact Us page on this website.

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