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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 500 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

Draft of Revised NHBA By-Laws - Please Comment
A set of revised NHBA By-Laws will be voted on at the NHBA Annual Meeting, 11:30 a.m. at the Chateau on Manchester (see ad). This draft has not yet been approved by the NHBA By-Laws committee and will be updated whenever revised, prior to the Annual Meeting. You are encouraged to submit comments and/or corrections. Press the Contact Us button and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate persons.

Notable changes: District 25 delegates (President's duties) have been changed to comply with District 25 By-Laws. Beginning of term for NHBA Directors (board members and officers) has been changed to the end of the Annual Meeting at which they are elected.

Summer Regional in Nashua To Have Well Lighted Playing Area and Greatly Improved Hotel Services
Helen Pawlowski reports: "I met with Chris, the Director of Sales at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua this afternoon. (Map and directions.) We discussed the actions that the hotel has taken to solve the list of issues I presented to the hotel management at the end of our tournament last year. 
Better Lighting
"The most significant complaint was areas of very poor lighting in the ballroom. Today the hotel had replaced the existing flood lights with higher wattage bulbs in one corner of the ballroom. This provided good lighting which spread into the entire corner of the room. They agreed to change bulbs in every ceiling light fixture prior to our tournament.
More Staffing
"We also addressed the insufficient staffing in the restaurant and at peak check-in and check-out times at the front desk. The hotel has hired many new personnel since last June. They have a new General Manager, Food and Beverage manager, restaurant manager and front desk manager along with additional support staff. I met with John, the new GM who is aware of our issues and assures me that staffing will not be a problem this summer."

Pro-Am Pairs in Nashua
The Summer Regional in Nashua will feature a brand new event for District 25 – the Pro-Am Pairs, Saturday, June 27. Every pair must include at least one player who is NOT a life master and has fewer than 500 points. The objectives are to promote fun and learning in a less intense environment and to give newer players a chance to interact more freely with the veterans.
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New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs

Sign up now for the New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs. The Saturday qualifying rounds (two sessions) and the Sunday open game (one session) are open to any pair. The Sunday finals (one session) are restricted to pairs with one current and one current or former member of Unit 150. All masterpoint awards are sectionally rated black points. Permanant trophies are awarded to the top three pairs, B & C winners on Saturday and open game winners. Non-transferable free play certificates for Unit 150 2015 sectionals awarded (six for Flight A Winners and four for Flights B & C winners.)

Hospitality: Beverages available all day both days.
Saturday: Pastries before the first session, Hot lunch buffet & mid-afternoon cookies.
Sunday: Buffet dinner and cash bar. Warning: Any player or attendee bringing alcoholic beverages inside the playing area, will automatically be disqualified and asked to leave.

Upcoming Tournaments in District 25

Bridge News

Notify the ACBL of deceased members
If you're aware of a New Hampshire player who has passed away, please ask the family to notify the ACBL at 662-253-3129 or InMemoriam@acbl.org. An obituary or other proof such as a copy of the death certificate may be required.

Update your member information

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