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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 500 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

Notice to Unit 150 Members
Please do the following as soon as possible:

Update your member information on the ACBL website!
You can now m
anage your Privacy and Communication settings to:

  • allow or block messages from the ACBL related to Marketing, News, Surveys, Tournaments, NABC Bulletins and Results, Partnership Desk Notices, Electronic Communications, and Billing

  • share your member information with ACBL-affiliated groups such as units, districts and clubs. We encourage you to do this so that the NHBA (Unit 150) can contact you.

Contact the families of members who have passed away
Ask them to notify the ACBL at 662-253-3129 or InMemoriam@acbl.org.
An obituary or other proof may be required.

Click the image for more information.

Bridge News

Upcoming Tournaments

New "Learn to Play Bridge" Software
The ACBL has launched a new version of "Learn to Play Bridge." Some of the key new features:

  • Instantly start playing bridge with robots powered by BridgeBase

  • Test your skills with over a thousand hands on Finesses, Stayman, Fourth Best Leads and more

  • Check your ACBL masterpoints with new rank badges and full color masterpoints

Registration and use of the entire site is free, and can be shared with friends and family. Check out the new web application software at: http://learn.acbl.org  

Wanted: More Youth Bridge Groups
How can you help? If you know of a school faculty member or other school-connected individual who would help recruit students to learn to play bridge, New England Youth Bridge, Inc. (NEYB) will assist by supplying lesson plans and – if you do not want to teach the students yourself – by recruiting a bridge player to teach the lessons. Just contact a board member of NEYB (names are listed below) to talk about how to proceed. Continued

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