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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 600 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

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New NABC Master:  Bayle Drubel of Hanover, NH

New Club Master: Yuni Courtney  of Dover, NH 

New Club Master:  Duane Cowall of Bedford, NH

New Club Master:  Lynne Grainger of Londonderry, NH

New Club Master:  Valerie Kijewski of Stratham, NH

New Club Master:  Maureen Mann of Deerfield, NH

New Club Master: Robert Mann of Deerfield, NH

2019 NHBA Sectional and StateTournament Schedule

Spring Sectional March 23-24 2019 Dover Elks Club Dover
State Tournament July 13-14 2019 Puritan Backroom Manchester
John & Joan Cook Aug. 17-18, 2019 TBA Nashua
Fall Foliage Sept. 28-29, 2019 Town Hall Grantham
Ed Gould Nov. 2-3, 2019 TBA Nashua


2019 Unit Games

Date Day Clubs 2019 Sanc. 
Mar. 19 Tues. Bow, Grantham (Eastman DBC) L1903150A
Mar. 27 Wed.  Nashua, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Alton/Wolf. L1903150B
May. 13 Mon. Keene, Newington, Derry L1905150A
May.22 Wed.  Nashua, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Alton/Wolf. L1905150B
June. 4 Tues. Bow, Grantham (Eastman DBC) L1906150D
June. 6 Thurs. Keene, Manchester, Laconia/Weirs L1906150A
June. 7 Fri. New Hampton, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Derry L1906150B
June. 10 Mon. Keene, Newington, Derry L1906150C
Jul. 8 Mon. Keene, Newington, Derry L1907150C
Jul. 9 Tues. Bow, Grantham (Eastman DBC) L1907150F
Jul. 9 Tues. night Hanover L1907150D
Jul. 10 Wed.  Nashua, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Alton/Wolf. L1907150E
Jul. 12 Fri. New Hampton, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Derry L1907150B
Jul. 18 Thurs. Keene, Manchester, Laconia/Weirs L1907150A
Aug. 6 Tues. Bow, Grantham (Eastman DBC) L1908150B
Aug. 12 Mon. Keene, Newington, Derry L1908150C
Aug. 14 Wed.  Nashua, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Alton/Wolf. L1908150A
Aug. 14 Wed. night Laconia L1908150F
Aug. 15 Thurs. Keene, Manchester, Laconia/Weirs L1908150D
Aug. 16 Fri. New Hampton, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Derry L1908150E
Sep. 9 Mon. Keene, Newington, Derry L1909150A
Sep. 19 Thurs. Keene, Manchester, Laconia/Weirs L1909150B
Sep. 20 Fri. New Hampton, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Derry L1909150C
Nov. 13 Wed.  Nashua, Hanover (Eastman DBC), Alton/Wolf. L1911150A
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New Hampshire Bridge Association (ACBL Unit 150) Presents

Seacoast Sectional Saturday and Sunday March 23-24, 2019

Dover Elks Lodge 282 Durham Road Dover, NH 03820

Image result for spring flower

Saturday – Stratified Open Pairs 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM

Two Single Session Stratified Open Pairs ACBL

Grass Roots Fund Game –SILVER POINTS

Sunday – Stratified VP Swiss Teams 10:00 AM -

Two Session Swiss Teams with lunch break 

Stratification by average MP: A = 2000+ B = 500-2000

C = 0-500 $12 per session. Juniors (25 and under)

play at half price! $4 additional per session for lapsed

ACBL members. Free coffee and tea --

Free bagels and donuts. You can order sandwiches

& salad Saturday and Sunday

Tournament Manager:

David Lawrence




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