Maintaining the NHBA Website

Maintaining the NHBA website requires only a web browser and the "club administrator" role. You don't have to install or run any software outside the browser.

Edits appear on the site instantly as you click the Save button. You can't preview how anything will look before it's "live."

The web server is professionally hosted, secure, and disaster-proof. There are still some technical issues with the website implementation but no show-stoppers.

Current administrators are Barry Rogoff and Krzysztof Jarosz. If you would like to become an administrator, contact us.

Technical Issues

  • To link to another page on the site, open a second tab or window, navigate to the desired page, then copy and paste the URL.
  • Uploaded pairs results data does not include overall results of multi-session events.
  • Pianola does not upload or display ACBL-sanctioned team events.
  • Some historical tournament results are missing, the most recent being the 2016 New Hampshire State Championship. 
  • The NHBA website and your personal results page require different URLs to access and have no built-in linkage.
  • The default text editor (TinyMCE) can be extremely frustrating when formatting tables.
  • The little black triangles you have to click to see a submenu are problematic. Some people simply can't figure out how to navigate the site. Thus, almost everything is on the top level.
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Updating the Top 150 List

If you are a member of the NHBA Board, you can download the Unit 150 membership roster from the ACBL.

  1. Download the roster in .csv (comma separated values) format.
  2. Open the roster in Excel or whatever spreadsheet you prefer.
  3. Delete the irrelevant columns. You need only the player name and lifetime masterpoint total.
  4. Insert a row number column on the left.
  5. In Excel, make the first row =ROW() and drag the corner of the box down to the 150th row.
  6. Rearrange the columns into the proper order.
  7. Sort the data on lifetime masterpoint total.
  8. Copy the data into a text editor.
  9. Convert all tabs to spaces.
  10. Replace any white space with a single space character.
  11. Open the website page in edit mode.
  12. Copy and paste the first 75 rows into the left column.
  13. Copy and paste rows 76 - 150 into the right column.
  14. Save the widget.
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