What is Pianola?

Pianola is several things:

  • an online service that hosts bridge websites, including this one
  • a website that provdes varied and interesting services for players and directors
  • a database of unit members, clubs, results from clubs, and so forth

Pianola provides a Personal Results Page for anyone and everyone who joins. It's entirely free. You simply provide a username, a password, your ACBL number, and your email address.

The success of the NHBA's Pianola membership depends largely on how well we promote it among the New Hampshire bridge-playing population at club and unit levels. Please tell your partners and friends about it and encourage them to visit nhbridge.com and to log in to their personal results page.

Get Your Club Results by Email!

You can get your game results by email whenever you play at a participating New Hampshire club. All you have to do is log into your Personal Results page on Pianola.


The first time you open the page, Pianola asks you to specify a username and a password to use in the future. The page then displays a line graph of your scores over time. Click a point on the line to open a detailed record of the boards you played. There are many other features so explore everything.

If you don't see a line graph, make sure your player record has the right ACBL number and email address.

For an invitation to log into your personal results page, send your name, ACBL number, and email address to Barry (barry@brogoff.com) or Larr (lcheetham@gmail.com).

If you don't want to receive your results by email:

  1. Log into Pianola.
  2. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select My Account.
  3. Click the Communication preferences tab.

There are links to documentation and support information on the left-hand side of this page. If you need further help, email Barry or call 603-883-2623.

If you play in tournaments, you can get your results by text or email from ACBL Live.

Encourage Your Club to Upload Results!

The NHBA wants all New Hampshire clubs to upload their game results to this website (Pianola). Everyone’s personal results page will have more data and will be much more interesting. Clubs in Nashua, Eastman (Grantham), Keene, Manchester, and Norwich already have begun to upload results.

If your club has not yet started uploading results, please encourage your club manager/director to participate by reading the Information for Directors page. It has simple instructions.

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Where to Get Help

Pianola User Guide for Players (PDF)

Pianola Support Center

If you are having trouble reading PDF (Portable Document Format) files on your computer, download and install the Nitro PDF Reader. You do not need the Adobe PDF Reader.

What is Pianola Plus?

Pianola Plus provides a much more extensive personal results page for serious players. It has more statistics and graphs that help you visualize your performance over time. You must to purchase your own subscription.

Update Your Membership Data

The New Hampshire Bridge Association now has a secure membership database that is separate from the ACBL's. To update your personal information, go to:


The database contains out-of-state players who have participated in Unit 150 events.

The NHBA strongly recommends that you also go to the ACBL website to manage your Privacy and Communication settings.

Note that the Unit 150 database and the ACBL database may get out-of-synch with each other over time. We intend to update the Unit 150 database to reflect changes in the ACBL database periodically.

Notify the ACBL and the NHBA of Deceased Members

If you're aware of a New Hampshire player who has passed away, please ask the family to notify the NHBA and the ACBL at 662-253-3129 or InMemoriam@acbl.org. An obituary or other proof such as a copy of the death certificate may be required.

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