New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs

New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs

The New Hampshire Bridge Association holds its State Championship and Open Pairs tournament every June at the most central location available. It's a truly unique event with a superb meal between sessions Saturday and a banquet with a cash bar Sunday. Everyone who comes has a great time!

The State Championship is a three session event: two qualifying sessions Saturday and a final session Sunday afternoon. Anyone can play in the qualifying sessions but only current or former Unit 150 (NHBA) members can play in the final. Everyone else can play in the one-session Open Pairs that runs concurrently with the final. This is a charity event so the awards are regionally-rated black points.

The 2017 New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs will be held June 6-7 at Rivier University, Nashua (directions). Although you can enter the same day we would appreciate registration in advance so we know how many meals are needed. Please print out the flyer and mail the entry form in with a check. We hope to see you there!

Getting Your State Championship Results

The results from the New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs will be posted right here on the NHBA website as always. They will also be available on the ACBL website's Club Results section. Simply select New Hampshire as the State and the City.
State Championship Results

2016 New Hamphire State Championship


2016 New Hampshire Open Pairs

Flyer and Recaps

Note: These recaps were created by merging the results files in BridgeComposer. The Pianola uploads failed and the problem cannot be solved by Pianola Support.


Qualifying Morning
Qualifying Afternoon

State Championship Final
Open Pairs

The following ACBL "Club Result" files are under the non-existent "Pembroke Club," which was created because Unit 150 is a unit, not a club, and the ACBL doesn't have a "Unit Results" page.

Qualifying Morning
Qualifying Afternoon

State Championship Final and Open Pairs

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State Championship History

by Bruce Downing

Ed Gould, in Vo.16/No.3 of the New England Bridge Conference Bulletin (July 1970) claims that the American Auction Bridge League was formed out of the American Whist League at a meeting in Hanover NH in 1927. This was pretty fast work considering modern contract bridge was only invented in 1925 by Vanderbilt. Modern bridge must truly have swept the country quickly. Ed goes on to say that the American Auction Bridge League merged with the United States Bridge Association in 1937 to form the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League).

The NH Open Pairs State Championship has been held every year since its origin in 1936. Other than an exception for military personnel serving in NH during WWII, it has always been Open only to NH residents.

Ed Gould wrote in the New England Bridge Conference Bulletin from May 1971: "This a three-session event. Although only local rated, it is more highly respected within the state than any sectional."

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