New hampshire bridge association

NH State Championship

1980 - 1989
45. 1980 William Ashford and Bob Woodard. Source: William Ashford has trophy. Leroy Lake Trophy: Amy Scott.

46. 1981 Ed and Shirley Gould. Source: Many mentions of the Goulds as winners but this is unproven. Marginalia in the Unit Secretary records suggests that 1981 was their year. Leroy Lake Trophy: Edward A. Gould.

47. 1982 Ed and Ruth Katz. The event was held 3/6 and 3/7/1982. Source: Ruth Katz saved a newspaper clipping. Leroy Lake Trophy: Lee Weiner.

48. 1983 Oscar "Beaver" Boisvert and Maurice "Mo" Emond. Source: Mo cannot find his trophy but remembers receiving it. Geoff Phipps remembers presenting it to him. Leroy Lake Trophy: Rick Fletcher.

49. 1984 Jan Buote and Jay Keenan. Source: BANH. Leroy Lake Trophy: Joan Cook.

50. 1985 Bob and Erlon Woodard. Source: BANH. Erlon's second title - his first was in 1948! Leroy Lake Trophy: Geoff Phipps.

51. 1986 Ed and Ruth Katz. Source: Ruth Katz saved her trophy. Leroy Lake Trophy: Phil Bell, Sr.

52. 1987 Geoff Phipps and Steve Robbins. Source: Geoff has his trophy. Leroy Lake Trophy: not awarded this year.

53. 1988 Wayne Burt and Fred Graf. Source: Fred and Wayne have their trophies. Leroy Lake Trophy: Geoff Phipps.

54. 1989 Arthur Lilly and Kay Watman. Source: KW. FG says event was 2/11-2/12. Leroy Lake Trophy: Marcia Tarosky.