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Finding a Bridge Teacher
The ACBL also has a "Find a Teacher" page. if none are suitable, go to your local duplicate clubs and ask around.

Finding a Bridge Professional
There are bridge professionals who charge roughly $50 to $100 per club session to be your partner and teach you as you play. Their rates are higher for tournaments are usually include incentives for winning.

ACBL's Conventional Wisdom
The ACBL's Conventional Wisdom documents may be helpful.

ACBL Learn to Play Bridge Website
The ACBL offers free Learn to Play Bridge web application software. In 2005, Fred Gitelman developed a Learn to Play Bridge application downloaded over 100,000 times. In 2013, the ACBL updated the software to accommodate advancing technology and new devices. Some of the key new features:

Instantly start playing bridge with robots powered by BridgeBase
Test your skills with over a thousand hands on Finesses, Stayman, Fourth Best Leads and more!

Check your ACBL masterpoints with new rank badges and full color masterpoints.ACBL

Registration and use of the entire site is free, and can be shared with friends and family.
Check out the new web application software at:

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